affair's of the heart

Olen koonnut pienen kollaasin, jossa kiteytyvät ihastumisen, rakastumisen ja seurustelun ihanuudet ja kauhuudet. Nauttikaa kuvista, älkääkä ikinä päästäkö omaa kultaa menemään.

I've created a little collage which contains the beauty's and horror's of crushing, loving and dating. Enjoy the photos and never let go of someone you love.

"I felt so miserable that I wanted to ran into the Ocean, drown
and disappear because I couldn't have my love beside me."

"And then, after many sad months, I started dating with Him."

"He sat on the street, grab my hand and pull me into his lap.
Gently he put his arms around me, squeezed me towards him and said:
'If I'd never met You, there will be no life for me'.
After that he kissed me - and again."

"In our relationship mornings are the best and worse; another day
with him is starting , but I look totally awful and he wants to kiss me,
but I'm afraid that my breath smells. When I won't let him kiss me,
he takes mint pastille, puts it into his own mouth, grabs me and
forces me to kiss him. During the kiss the scent of the pastille passes
to my mouth, he breathes in and says: 'Your breath smells lovely.'
I smile and put my arms around him and will never let go."

Photos from WeHeartIt

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